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Little firefly is free

Little firefly is free

In the twilight of a pleasant evening back in July 2001, I made this lucky shot of a firefly on the end of my wife Amy's index finger. We were walking back from dinner, and as she often does, Amy scooped a firefly-in-flight into her hands to say hello. I turned my camera on and tracked the firefly in her hand as we walked up to the front of the house. The firefly was crawling steadily out of her palm to the tip of her index finger to make a leap back into the air. In a subconsciously decisive moment, I pressed the shutter button, and this image appeared on my LCD screen. When I looked back at Amy's hand, the firefly was gone. Perhaps the little bug enjoyed her brief rest stop enough to allow us this illuminated parting memento.

This image has appeared on the Smithsonian Watershed Radio web site and Annenberg/CPB's Journey North site.