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Foggy Night at the Woolworth Building

Foggy Night at the Woolworth Building

New York, New York

A casual night out with my camera and tripod in Lower Manhattan on a foggy night produced this memorable image of an antique clock in front of the Woolworth Building. Most incredibly, this shot was chosen out of 1 million frames as one of the 260 display images to appear as a two-page spread in the new book America 24/7. This is the most recognition I've ever received for a photograph and I'm incredibly honored. The book is one of the outputs of a massive project organized by the team who produced The Day in the Life ... series of books to create a one-week digital photographic time capsule of America. Professionals and amateurs photographed in all 50 states from May 12-18, 2003, and each submitted seven of their best frames via the project web site. The project will produce a video documentary, traveling gallery show, and more books for each state, so you'll likely see this image again. I've given the project organizers permission to sell framed prints of this image, so check back here or at the America 24/7 project site for more announcements.