> Family Xmas 2003

My 101-year-old grandma meets Cianna
Hands spanning 101 years
The curiousLees: Amy, Cianna and me
Daddy cradles baby (and a camera)
Amy's sister-in-law Shelly and her baby Audrey cozy up to our dog
Amy's brother Bill adjusts his son Jack's attitude
Amy in curtain light
Amy's cousin Erica poses for a portrait
Audrey's brother Ben joins the portrait session
Erica and her boyfriend Sam
Ben's brother Jack shows me his age with three fingers
The Kilgallon collection of grandkids
Grandpa McCartney with some of the grandkids and great-grandkids
Pausing to admire the frost on our car
My sister-in-law Sherry meets Cianna for the first time
My mom brought red eggs to celebrate Cianna's first month