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Monday, August 11, 2003

Pain-free news feed redirection

I realized today that a heap of aggregators and blogerators, not to mention my favorite desktop news reader, are still pointed to my defunct RSS/XML syndication file. For example, Syndic8 smartly notes that my feed is "Awaiting Repair." I was thinking, aiyaa! I'm going to have to go into the shell of my host at Pair and set up a redirect for the path to the old Blogger-generated XML file. But then I thought many others must have had to deal with moving an RSS feed, and sure enough, a search on Google turned up Dave Winer's Bootstrap: How to redirect an RSS feed. A couple minutes of coding and an upload to the old curiousLee site enabled the redirect. Now I'm seeing the new curiousLee news feed in NetNewsWire.

Damn, these people are smart.

Update: Well this solution is apparently not pain-free because discussion of this issue (among other things) precipitated a battle over the RSS core standard. Looks like I will have to revisit server-side configuration hacking to effect HTTP error code 301 or 302. Oy.

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