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Wednesday, September 03, 2003

Easing into Chicago for five days on the run

Buckingham Fountain at twilight

My camera placed on the ground captured this pleasing view of Buckingham Fountain in Grant Park tonight.

Well I didn't mean for the Picturing Jenny post to sit for a week, but then again, I didn't mind looking at the photo all this extra time. In the last few days, I had a birthday, ramped up work on our house in prep for the baby, and visited a variety of family members over the Labor Day weekend. And I'm actually revisiting an ongoing information architecture project to bridge a marketing consultant's findings into an IA strategy I am formulating for a corporate web site.

We had an easy flight to Chicago today, and leisurely dinner at a local diner. Wife Amy turned in early, conserving her energy to cope with the 28-week-old critter that's doing cartwheels in her abdomen. And I just saw Richard Gere dancing in the street.

We're here for a few days so Amy can work at the star-studded AARP National Event. Her group is running several booths to train seniors on the latest computer technologies. Thursday night (ack, tomorrow) she will give a speech at The Chicago Chapter of the Usability Professionals Association on usability in designing web sites for the 50+ population. Friday night we're going to see Blue Man for the first time. Saturday night is dinner with The Don. Whew.

On my list of things to visit tomorrow are the Prarie Avenue Bookshop, the Museum of Contemporary Photography, the Harold Washington Library Center, and time permitting, the Museum of Broadcast Communications.

I'll be moblogging a bit as I wander around town so check my personal blog at hiptop Nation if you have time and want to follow along.

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