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Saturday, November 29, 2003

Home safe


Cianna's home safe.

Now we are seeking sleep.

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Thursday, November 27, 2003

A wee Lee!




Cianna Catherine Lee

Sex: Girl

Born: 12:54 pm Eastern Time

Weight: 8 lbs. 9.4 oz. (3595 grams)

Length: 21"

Status: Screaming healthy

Location: GBMC Hospital, Baltimore, MD

Proud and very tired parents: Amy and Mike Lee

Update 11/28 8:30am: Sincere thanks to all those who helped with the birth (especially Kate), followed along on the web, e-mailed, or called. Thank you world and universe!

Mom and baby are doing very well. Baby Cianna has been nursing at three-hour intervals all night and resting comfortably in between. Amy is able to walk around slowly, and got some good nap time last night. I got caught up on sleep at home, but I suspect sleep will be dicey from now on. Today we're entertaining visits from family and friends at the hospital.

I've mirrored the 20 moblog posts of the birth as one archived collection to my server. Click to see the birth events in reverse chronological order. Mobile posting continues here.

Sometime next week, a portal site of all things Cianna will go up at http://www.ciannalee.com.

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Birth Begins

Amy's water broke at 10:35pm and we headed out to the hospital. There are a series of live updates already on my moblog.
We've been here at the hospital for five hours now, and all is calm as we make the slow climb to active labor. How many more hours is anyone's guess.

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Sunday, November 23, 2003

On maternity, meetings, mobility and more

The posting to the main area of curiousLee gets sporadic when I'm in periods of transition, as I am now, or simply crushed with work. Hopefully, I'll pick up the pace a bit soon as I discover my new routine. Here are some updates:

Maternity - If you've been visiting for updates on the imminent arrival of the baby, the moblog is the best place to keep up as I'm posting almost every day. Amy's two days beyond her due date, and VERY ready to eject the baby. The doctors are tentatively planning to induce birth this Friday morning (11/28). Otherwise, she's in remarkably good spirits. She's agreed to let me moblog the birth (in text and images), and I promise some thoughtful, tasteful, and hopefully not-too-sappy entries.

Meetings - I can't believe I'm starting my fourth week at AARP headquarters tomorrow. The first week was mostly spent on addressing administrative details. Then I decided to take a fast-paced deep dive into the operations and set up 14 one-on-one meetings over the last two weeks with a large number of team members. I called my meetings with my co-managers "mind melds," as we had 60-90 minute wide-ranging conversations. Traversing the content, community, strategy, technology, and design teams has allowed me to quickly gather the data to create a concept map of the current state of the web site's operations. I also met with many of our key internal clients in production and status meetings. Amy was very correct in describing the life of a manager as one lived in meetings.

Mobility - I'm on the MARC commuter train a little more than two hours every day and it has become a good time to blog. I've snapped images during breaks in the day and written them up on the rail ride home after consuming a beer and pretzel. In case you haven't been scanning the right side of this blog, you'll see a link to recent mobile blog posts, and a list of individual entries under Mobile Mike. You can also bookmark the direct link to the hiptop Nation blog.

I meant to note here the events around the release of the America 24/7 book, which has a photo of mine just inside the front cover. Online pals thoughtfully covered some of the launch events for me. Eric, who works at HBO near Bryant Park in NYC, checked out the outdoor show of photos from the book around the park, and noted that my image didn't make the cut. I suspect I won't see it again since almost all of the images shown in promotions are people shots. Jessica, Rick, and Kale observed the in-store kiosk display that's everywhere. Alas, due to an administrative screwup at the project office, my image didn't make it into the online print sales store. I'm going to keep bugging them, but I don't have high hopes. If you aren't planning to buy the book, you can see about 80% of the images from the book in the online catalog. MSNBC also has a slideshow of a few images set to music.

Update 11/24: Oprah picked America 24/7 as one of her Favorite Things of Holiday 2003 and gave everyone in her studio audience a copy.

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Tuesday, November 11, 2003

May messes with my mind...

pregnant_mr_lee.jpg...but only for a minute. Visiting May Woo's blog for the first time in a few weeks, I was just startled by a post with a thumbnail image of what appears to be a Time magazine cover with the caption, The Pregnant Mr. Lee, Man (?) of the Year. What the ...?!? With my wife due any day now, I've been immersed in all the technical details of her pregnancy and thinking to myself daily how glad it's not me going through the process. Was I about to be sent over the edge into insanity? The image was from the web site MalePregnancy.com, which is an elaborately-designed "medical" site about a man named Mr. Lee who is the first male to become pregnant. After a search on Google, I discovered on About.com that the site is a performance art piece. With my sigh of relief came this additional search result on how a doctor in China is really working on helping male transexuals get pregnant.

OK, May. You got me BUT GOOD.

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Monday, November 10, 2003

On recovery and a possible return

The latest John Dvorak column in PC Magazine has some interesting bits about Drivesavers, the people who specialize in recovering blown hard drives:

DriveSavers has fixed a lot of celebrity drives and apparently saved the bacon for The Simpsons by recovering the "Who Killed Mr. Burns?" episode, which was lost to a crash before it was finished and aired. What amuses me most about the company is that it has on staff a full-time grief counselor who used to do suicide prevention. Apparently, she is needed in a lot of situations, such as when the head of IT loses all the corporate data and essentially the entire company. Tough business.

Dvorak also goes on to speculate that Apple might return with a PDA or enter the Tablet PC market in January 2004.

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