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Monday, November 10, 2003

On recovery and a possible return

The latest John Dvorak column in PC Magazine has some interesting bits about Drivesavers, the people who specialize in recovering blown hard drives:

DriveSavers has fixed a lot of celebrity drives and apparently saved the bacon for The Simpsons by recovering the "Who Killed Mr. Burns?" episode, which was lost to a crash before it was finished and aired. What amuses me most about the company is that it has on staff a full-time grief counselor who used to do suicide prevention. Apparently, she is needed in a lot of situations, such as when the head of IT loses all the corporate data and essentially the entire company. Tough business.

Dvorak also goes on to speculate that Apple might return with a PDA or enter the Tablet PC market in January 2004.

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The NPR news quiz "Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me" featured the story of the grief counselor as one of their fool-the-listener games, where three "outrageous" stories are told and only one of them is true. The person playing the game didn't buy this one as the truth.

Posted by: dave p. at Nov 11, 2003 10:02:15 PM