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Thursday, December 11, 2003

Daddy's work; daddy's rest

Work is going well at AARP.org, and some unexpected new major projects have landed in my lap, which will make the first few months of next year pretty exciting. I've got a talented and dedicated team of designers and developers as well as co-managers who have embraced my arrival enthusiastically. And what a treat for tomorrow: John Maeda of the MIT Media Lab's new Physical Language Workshop is stopping by the office for a meeting in which I will participate. I see John has a new book coming in 2004.

I'm settling into an OK routine commuting to work from Baltimore to DC on the train, but it doesn't leave me much time during the week to mess around here in curiousLee and TypePad. I find myself wishing my one-hour train ride was an hour longer each way so I can read or surf some more. And maybe one day they'll deploy Pointshot WiFi on the MARC train so I can access the Citrix server at work.

When I get home, I've got a few hours to soak in family life, and then early bed to keep to my new pattern of getting at 6-7 hours of sleep each night. Cheating on sleep along with the longish commute tires me out during the day.

So as always, keep your eye on the moblog and Brain Food content in the right sidebar. Unfortunately, because of some code incompatibility and/or a slow server at CaRP, it sometimes takes up to 30 seconds for the right side content to load.

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