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Sunday, December 28, 2003

Lucid moments from the holiday blur


I've selected a small sample of some of my photos of the holidays with family to post here. Our new baby was naturally the focal point for all of our holiday activities. In the span of a week, Baby Cianna visited the office party at AARP, met my 101-year-old grandmother, and rode with us to Ohio and back to visit my wife's family. Then yesterday, my family came over to celebrate Cianna's first month with traditional Chinese red eggs. While the books say overstimulation of newborns is a concern, I'd say Amy and I are certifiably overstimulated. We rested today, but I'm back to work tomorrow, while mom and cranky baby try to get back into a routine.

I'm making good progress pulling together content for ciannalee.com, but it will be more days before something's up there. Meanwhile, check the moblog for significant baby updates.

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