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Thursday, December 11, 2003

Portrait of Janet


The beauty you see here is exceeded by an inner reserve of the same. I'll revisit Janet with my camera to capture more after the holidays.

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Do you only photograph women who's names begin with a "J"?

Janet looks great!

Posted by: Jessica at Dec 12, 2003 12:57:35 PM

Fantastic (as always).

Posted by: Eric Hancock at Dec 13, 2003 9:26:27 PM

Read the "Brain Food" article An Essay on Beauty And Judgement. Had a very difficult time with it, like nailing Jello to a tree.

For my idea of a better philosophcial discussion of Beauty, see Six Great Ideas by the late Mortimer Adler of the Univ. of Chicago.

Posted by: Charles Glomski at Dec 17, 2003 11:19:17 PM