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Sunday, January 04, 2004

A perfect landing on Mars


NASA's Mars Exploration Rover Spirit just returned this beautiful panorama of the surface of Gusev crater on Mars after a perfect landing. I've been watching live NASA TV via streaming RealVideo tonight, which presented commentary, the exhilerating moments around the touchdown, press briefings and very first post-landing images. These initial images are just black and white quick look views to assess the state of the lander and the local environs. Throughout the rest of today, higher quality images, including color and stereo, will stream down from the lander's various communication links. Later this week, once the scientists and engineers finish studying the landing site, they'll command the rover to "stand up" and roll off the landing platform to begin exploring. We're assured of some astounding scenery in the coming weeks. SpaceflightNow.com has excellent coverage and live updates blogged from mission control. As if all this wasn't exciting enough, we have the landing of the second rover, named Opportunity, on January 24th.

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Happy New Year!

We just arrived back at school and we have been reading about SPIRIT. For homework we have to watch the NOVA program on PBS. I think your responsible for this homework assignment. THANKS A LOT! We went the to the PBS NOVA site and designed a parachute.

The picture of your grandmother with your new born baby was beautiful. We also enjoyed looking at your family x-mas photos.

LOVE, from your friends at
Myers Park High School, Charlotte, NC

Sincerely, Chris Graper

Posted by: Myers Park High School at Jan 6, 2004 2:13:19 PM