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Tuesday, April 27, 2004

All in the family at work



This week, I'm finishing up around 30 customized office nameplates for our group at work which incorporate a creative portrait photo or illustration along with a favorite quote. Shown here are Amy's and mine. Yes, we have the same title and room number because, in case you haven't been following along here, I am doing her job of managing her team of eight web developers and designers while she is out on maternity leave.

My tenure has worked out very well so everyone says, and it's been great working on the major redesign of the AARP.org site and collaborating with the MIT Media Lab. Amy returns May 19th, but predictably, I am burrowed into several projects and will continue to stay on as a consultant for another six months to a year. I'll be moved to an office somewhere else in the building as our group is out of space.

cianna_at_aarp_smWe're refining our daycare plans right now since we're both going to be commuting to AARP's D.C. headquarters on weekdays. Baby Cianna has made several visits to the office, and last time she tried her mommy's chair for size. Naturally, the drippingly cute photo I took made it into the company newsletter. Click on the thumbnail at right to view a large version. Seeing our baby girl in the context of where we work causes me to ruminate about what the world of 2053 will be like when she becomes a member of AARP.

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