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Sunday, May 23, 2004

Golden Cicada Orchid


I made some images this week of emerging cicadas. I think they are at their most beautiful in the roughly 30 minutes it takes the adult cicadas to emerge from their nymph shells, and the hours after during which they darken. In the moments when their wings and legs are completely free for the first time, they look like rare orchids. Searching in Google, it turns out that there is indeed a rare orchid in Indonesia called chrysoglossum ornatum or the Golden Cicada Orchid.


The cicadas are reaching full force around here. In our neighborhood of Charles Village, nearby male cicadas are emitting loud bursts of their screeching mating call from the tops of many trees. Even more pervasive, and something I don't remember from 17 years ago, is a near constant distant hum that must be the blend of the echos of millions of calling cicadas. It's this dull hum that makes me more uneasy than the cicadas shells and bodies all over the ground. Fortunately, cicadas don't swarm.

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