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Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Changes and handoffs

A year ago this week, I was saying goodbye to New York City after a six-month consulting engagement on Wall Street. This week, I'm finishing up another six-month engagement where I did my wife's job while she was on maternity leave. What's different this year is that I'm staying put for several more months to enter a new phase of work in the same offices. The arrival of a first child makes one want to wander less to new frontiers, but creates beautiful new linkages close to home.


Baby Cianna plays with my camera strap as the three of us ride from Baltimore down to my mom's house to drop her off so we can continue to Amy's first day back at work. This scene replaces views of hordes of passengers on my daily train commute.


We did the handoff of Cianna to my mom and continued driving to a subway stop at the northern edge of DC. We lucked out and got a parking space, but on most days, we'll probably have to drive straight to the office and park at a garage. Soon, we'll take Cianna to the office with us one or two days a week so that she can be at a daycare center across the street. This gives my mom a break. The total run from home to office was about an hour and twenty minutes—about the same as commuting by train.


We said hello to various people on our way into the building and dropped our stuff off at our desk. Amy did a ceremonial change of nameplates.


After a meeting with our design and production team, we took them out to lunch at Zola, the restaurant at the Spy Museum.

A couple routine project meetings pulled the rest of the afternoon quickly past us. Before long, we were back at my mom's for dinner, and to see our contently-sleeping baby. Then the drive back to Baltimore to walk the dog and bathe the babe. Mom and daughter are sound asleep as I close this blog post, and the lids of my laptop and eyes.

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glad it went well, me and my 12 week old have been doing a similar commute for the past 3 weeks 2 days a week. its works out reasonably well, and im glad hes able to spend time w/ his grandmother..... plus on the drive from baltimore to olney.... and back, he just sleeps away

Posted by: Mike Wolf at May 20, 2004 11:08:42 PM

Cianna is getting big!

Posted by: Eric Hancock at May 22, 2004 9:11:20 AM