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Sunday, May 09, 2004

Looking at Liz


liz_on_rock_and_greenToday I met up with hired model Liz at a friend's house in Ellicott City for another photo session. I've been thinking about posing Liz with her flaming red hair in the window well of a room in the house where the wallpaper had been stripped to reveal a complimentary turquiose patina. Everything came together—along with great weather—just a week before the walls are to be covered up. The window photo looks like it could be a singer's CD/album cover, and, well, I wouldn't mind being hired to shoot for a CD cover. In the second image (click to pop up a larger version), Liz is posed just at the edge of shadow behind the house with the sun behind her. Nice wholesome light.

In both images, I used a 42" Photoflex silver Litedisc reflector to bounce light into her face. I'm hooked on these collapsible reflectors. They're so simple and effective. And my new-ish Olympus C-5060 is working quite well. I finally found my old Iomega 1 gig microdrive this weekend and pressed it into service.

Redhead Liz rounds out the hair color facet of my portfolio. Now I've got to continue to work on ethnic diversity in my quest to make photographs of female beauty.

Updated 5/13: After reviewing the take from Sunday some more, I replaced the previous feature image with a larger, bolder composition and pose. The color palette of the distressed walls harmonizes with Liz's hair and dress perfectly.

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These are fantastic. I like the mood of the first one.

Posted by: Eric Hancock at May 10, 2004 5:12:08 PM

Thanks Eric! Your blog continues to inspire me too. I wish I could post as much you do. I love your photos. They make me "homesick" for New York City.

Posted by: Mike Lee at May 10, 2004 5:43:18 PM

she's got a nice rack ;)

Posted by: kale at May 19, 2004 2:07:51 PM