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Friday, May 14, 2004

Night of the Living Cicada


While walking the dog tonight, we saw our first cicada nymphs crawling across the sidewalks of Charles Village here in Baltimore. This is the first of Brood X, which were last with us back in 1987. To get this shot, I collected a few of the muddy buggers in one of my daughter's sippy cups (to her mom's mild dismay), and had the largest one climb up and down a twig until it got tired and paused to rest at the tip. Then I spotlighted the pooped nymph with my trusty X5 LED flashlight and made the shot using all manual settings on my digital camera. You can expect some shots of cicada with a cute baby here soon.

Baltimore Roll was probably the first in my neighborhood to blog the critters' arrival, and also compiled a handy backgrounder.

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