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Saturday, June 19, 2004

Dainah's secret


Inspired by the black and white photos I've seen in Victoria's Secret stores over the years, I worked with my friend Dainah today on a similar bold contrasty style. For someone who has never modeled before, Dainah is really developing a comfort and presence in front of my camera. Here she is laying on a long piece of crushed muslin that we suspended in a U-shaped configuration in front of a big sunlit window in her house. The same piece of cloth diffused the window light, served as floor covering, and extended back up behind me to bounce light back into the shadows. My camera was facing the sunlight while Dainah's sister was holding a silver reflector next to me to direct a concentration of light back into Dainah's face. The image is a color image converted to black and white and tinted in Photoshop. I continue to be enchanted with the simplicity of working with natural light, but I am starting to dabble in studio electronic flash again.

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One of the best pics I've seen on this site yet. Can we see any more from this set?

Posted by: Justin Blanton at Jun 20, 2004 2:44:30 AM

Thanks Justin. I'm still editing the rest of the take along with a couple other recent shoots. To keep this blog's content somewhat balanced, all the photos of women friends and models and more are collected into a portfolio at http://www.onemodelplace.com. My photographer member ID is 30831. I'll be posting a few more from this session with Dainah there.

Posted by: Mike Lee at Jun 21, 2004 12:08:33 AM

Fantastic photo! Great tone.

Posted by: Eric Hancock at Jun 29, 2004 11:45:56 PM