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Saturday, July 10, 2004

Illuminating Ann


illuminating_ann_2After a few months of juggling schedules, I finally photographed my neighbor, Acupuncturist Ann, this afternoon. Scouting some well-lit locations in and around her house, we noticed a narrow shaft of light from a small skylight centered nicely on the back wall of the stairwell. I had no previsualized image in mind, but I knew the concentrated light from above would look dramatic. We talked about Ann's hands and arms as the real tools of her trade, so she reached up towards the light and spread her fingers. I asked her to back up against the wall until her fingers cast some interesting long shadows. I worked in wide angle first (see right) and closed in for the image above. The finger shadows in the close-on image have a feather-like grace about them, and are suggestive of the gentle touch of Ann's skilled hands.

Downstairs, we made the portrait I had in my mind's eye when I arrived.


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