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Thursday, July 22, 2004

Moblogging 48 half hours for charity


Sponsor me as I increase my blogging activity by an order of magnitude for charity!

I've decided to join Project Blog this Saturday, July 24th at 8am EST to blog 24 hours for charity (See the project press release). I'll be posting to my moblog on hiptop Nation every half hour according to the rules, and submitting from newly-replaced Danger Hiptop/Sidekick communicator will free me from having to sit near a desktop computer all day.

Much of what I might be doing Saturday is stuff I've moblogged before. When the blog-a-thon starts at 8am, we will have been up a while and walking the nearby farmer's market. Then I'll pack up my camera gear to drive west to Jeanne's house in Ellicott City, Maryland to do a third photo session with Janet in and around the house and grounds. Since we'll be down in a valley, my signal may be intermittent, but at least my entries will be queued up for transmission in batches. The photo session will end around 1pm at the latest and then we'll need to feed Cianna, go shopping and clean house. Later in the afternoon we might go for a smoothie. The evening and late night is when things will get more interesting as I fight off sleep and possible boredom. Expect to see some baby duties mixed with photo experiments. My wife gladly sponsored me $50 since I will be taking the night shift with baby Cianna. Of course I'll be guzzling caffienated drinks to stay awake. My last post at 8am on Sunday may very well be of the folds of my pillow just before my eye lids collapse.

So, you might want to check out the project site to consider doing the blog-a-thon yourself—or sponsor me for a few bucks to the Alzheimer's Association. Be sure to read the FAQ on the site. If you don't want to mess with logging into the system, just drop me an e-mail* with an amount you want to pledge and I'll enter it into the system for you. At the time of this post, I've got six sponsors for a total of $160 and three more pledges that I'm going to self-enter. Mark, my boss, appropriately sponsored me as the head of our board at AARP Services is the president of the Alzheimer's Association. He says he plans to tell our executive team about the stunt, which means I guess I'll have to keep my posts clean ;-)

The number of participating bloggers is now at 172, but I suspect there will be a spike in sign-ups just before the event begins. Buddy Heidi will be posting from Kansas City, and there's an art student at MICA in the game too. I see from her blog that she's planning to post around a theme (nude painting) as say others in the project's discussion forums.

OK, off to bed now to bank some sleep.

* This address has been blessedly filtered free of spam for a while by Knowspam, but that means you have to perform a quick confirmation step via a second e-mail if you haven't used this address before.

Update Friday, 7/23, 10pm: Well because the president of the company where I work personally sponsored me for $100, I've blown past the $400 mark! It's tricky to view the progress of my pledges because you have to wade through a long page of tables, but you can just go to the sponsors page and type Control-F (or Command-F on a Mac) to search for curiouslee within the page. All systems are GO, and I'm getting another good night's sleep tonight.

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