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Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Twilight Moon over Madison Street


Ah, this is a scene that brings back fond memories of the time I had my design office at 4 East Madison in downtown Baltimore. As we were walking out of the first Baltimore Bloggers' Sushi Night at Minato, Amy pointed out the sliver of Moon setting behind the spikey spire of the First & Franklin Presbyterian Church. The complimentary wedges of dark blue sky and incandescent orange row houses on Madison Street were punctuated nicely by the crescent Moon.


Just inside the northwest corner building at Charles and Madison, a pleasant group of bloggers were contemplating a second round of sushi. Amy, Cianna and I stayed long enough to have a round of drinks and for me to snap the photos that are in this phonecam postcard (click for a large version). I pushed the source photos to a moblog post at hiptop Nation from the restaurant table. I really only had a chance to get a round of introductions and some snippets of conversation before we had to head home to give Cianna bath and bed, but Baltimore Roll or eebmore will most certainly have good write-ups and links. Thanks to you two and the others for building this community. I'm really hoping I can make it to the next event.

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