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Saturday, August 28, 2004

Baby kisses Baby Doll


I finally closed a small rip in the time/space continuum by bringing our baby daughter Cianna to meet Rachel Whang's Baby Doll. Baby Doll is a plastic doll that Rachel photographs with all kinds of Baltimoreans (including our Mayor) and in various local hangouts. Rachel, who is co-owner of Atomic Books, posts the photos to Baby Doll's Blog naturally.

Rachel e-mailed me back in May 2003, about a week after I returned from many months of working in New York City, about posing with her doll. I hadn't heard about Baby Doll's Blog, but I was happy to meet up with her to be photographed with the doll. It was massively freaky that I was asked by a reader of my blog to pose with a baby girl doll before we made the general announcement that Amy was pregnant—and two weeks before the amnio test came back with news that we were carrying a girl.

Cianna had to meet Baby Doll. I drop into Atomic Books every few weeks, but either I didn't have baby or Rachel didn't have doll. The two finally met earlier this month, and Cianna, as an encore to her meeting the Elvis statue down the street, planted a kiss on Baby Doll. I don't dare stage a meeting of Cianna and Baby Doll at the Elvis statue. A tiny black hole might form and devour all of Hampden.

Footnote: I finally fixed the domain redirect so that www.CiannaLee.com points to the Family section here. I haven't been able to build a page for that domain, but one day, I'll archive all the curiousLee and hiptop Nation posts about Cianna under her domain.

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Haha! It's all so cosmic!

Posted by: Rachel at Aug 30, 2004 5:34:36 PM