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Saturday, September 11, 2004



On this day of remembrance, I spent a little time reviewing my old blog posts related to 9/11. I haven't visited the Pentagon site (though I should now that I work in D.C.), or Shanksville, but I have many memories from my visit to Ground Zero and the months I lived near the site. Baby daughter Cianna tugs at my shoulder this morning to remind me to begin the day, so here are links to past posts about 9/11:


Photos from our visit to Ground Zero on 11/11/01

My last visit to Ground Zero.



A makeshift memorial built by Amtrak workers.

9/11/01 (be sure to scroll up through this archive page)

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Monday, September 06, 2004

Spoon view


When I made this macro shot of our reflections in a shiny spoon Sunday morning at the Hotel Monaco's restaurant Poste, I wasn't thinking about the Mirror Project. I haven't submitted to or visited the site in a long time, but I see they recently reached an amazing 25,000 submissions, and they have a section of photo themes of which one is on spoons. I think I'll submit this mirror photo for a change.

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