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Friday, December 31, 2004

curiousLees on the road


Update 1/3/05: I'm back-dating this post so my December blog archive won't be totally empty, and it's time I started posting my high-quality photos here again. I've done more shooting than ever in the latter part of this year.I also really need to start pushing up notes from the innovation-related work I've been doing at AARP.

I'm still hampered by not having much time to sit at a desktop computer since we don't currently have Internet access on weeknights (see below), and work is really busy. But better than leaving this blog completely quiet, I've been finding bits of time almost every day to post from on-the-run my moblog at hiptop Nation using my new Sidekick II.

The biggest change in the last two months is that since November 23rd, Cianna, Amy and I have been living in my mom's basement apartment in Langley Park, MD on weeknights, which has cut our commute from Baltimore to Washington, D.C. by 2/3. My mom takes care of Cianna during the weekdays, so this made sense. From September through October this year, we were averaging 15-20 hours in the car each week, and what didn't dawn on us for a while is that since Amy and I work together in the same office, we were effectively losing double that amount out of our family time. Now our commute each way from the Maryland suburb to D.C. is about 35 minutes.

My mom's telecom wiring is shaky so we've had trouble even connecting via modem, and now we're many hours into having Verizon help us get a DSL line functioning. Hopefully we'll have that and WiFi up in a couple weeks.

We will continue this routine until next spring when renovations on our house in Baltimore will be completed and we can sell it to move to a house close to D.C. We've considered northern Calvert County and are currently looking in the Silver Spring area. We're open to considering other areas too.

Cici_first_bday_clip_frame2_2Another big event: Cianna turned one on November 27th. We couldn't bring all the family members together in one place, so we had a party at my mom's house a couple days before, and met up with Amy's folks in Western Maryland at the Rocky Gap Resort. The birthday party at my mom's house was after Thanksgiving dinner with my brother and his wife. Cianna really enjoyed all the attention as you can see in the 39 second, 1.4mb QuickTime movie clip linked to the thumbnail image at right.

That weekend, we drove up to Rocky Gap Resort and State Park to meet up with Amy's folks. The large man-made lake offers some spectacular views of the surrounding hills, and there are hiking trails all round the area (we're pictured above on one of the lake roads).


We were going to have another birthday party with cake for Cianna in the lodge at dinner, but older lady that she is now, she fell asleep! Daddy's photo opportunity denied, but I made the best of it and produced the photo shown here.

I'll post about work and other travels in another entry...

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