Wednesday, September 10, 2003

Considering aesthetics again

virginia_postrel_at_aei.jpgVirginia Postrel's tour to promote her new book The Substance of Style made a first away-from-home stop in the 12th floor conference room of the American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research (AEI) yesterday evening. Amy and I stopped in to soak in some thought-provoking book ho-ing from this widely celebrated author.

Originally titled Look and Feel, the book, which is on its way to me from Amazon, is said to present Postrel's richly exampled case that we are experiencing an "age of look and feel" where consumer-driven need for aesthetic virtues in products has diffused far and wide into the marketplace to become a source for economic value. To find evidence of this point, one would have to look no further than my own household, which enshrines some pricey and worship-worthy design artifacts including an iPod, Titanium PowerBook, and a PT Cruiser.

After a couple years of intense professional focus as an information architect tasked with devising structured user experiences, Postrel's brief PowerPoint presentation served to jumpstart my brain to think about aesthetics again. Until I start into the book, I have her excellent blog and a bibliography to browse.

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